10 Famous Brands That Changed Their Names or Logo


Brands are not only a quality deal chorus but also a status symbol. Maybe that’s the reason a person is ready to invest huge bucks buying his favorite brands rather than choosing an easier and affordable option.

When on one hand we are talking about the following game of brands there are much more the company does for a successful brand establishment. There are many companies who changed their brand names due to certain reasons.pepsi

Here is a list of all those brands who changed their brand names or Logo after a while.

  1. Pepsi

Pepsi was earlier known as Pepsi Cola till ’98. But to keep up the market identity the company made many changes in the brand names. It was known as Brad’s drink until the year 1898.


2. Firefox

The web browser Firefox was once known as Phoneix. The company had to change its name to enhance the brand value in the market.


3. Blackberry

Blackberry entered into the market with an absolutely different brand name. It was introduced as Research in motion.


4. Famous Magazine

The famous magazine was primarily named first stag party. No sooner it was under copyright cases. The name changed and it actually overpowered the original brand.

Famous Magazine

5. Google

It might sound astounding but even Google went through this name change game. It was initially the brand back rub.


6. IBM

IBM entered the market with quite a boring name. The firm was initially known as Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation.


7. Best Buy

Its “Sound of music” that later came up as Best Buy. It was 1981 that this change came into force.

Best Buy

8. Sony

Sony has made various changes in its logo. Yet managed to maintain a good market holding.


9. Apple

It was the Apple computer that later came up as the most famous brand till the day. Apple also changed its logo.


10. Starbucks

Who is unknown to this widely loved coffee brand? It was known as Starbucks Coffee Tea And Spice.



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