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We loved to use forms to make things easier for you to contact us but we also hate spams on our emails. If you have concerns about the Bogglingtv, you may send us an email or directly send a message to our Facebook page, we will be happy to assist you.

Content Removal and Copyrighted materials

We deeply apologize if you think that violated your rights to the content you own. We are scraping materials including videos and photos shared by various pages and people on social media and try our best to find the rightful owner of the materials but sometimes we failed to find who really are the owners of the video/photo we EMBED on our web content.

If you are the rightful owner of the photo or video we used, kindly contact us on the information we provided above. We are happy to comply with your removal request.

Kindly include the link in question and your dispute.

Content Information Review

Since the nature of the blog is to reshare contents (video and photos) from social media to our followers, Bogglingtv can’t warrant the accuracy of the content that is why we only curate based on the story shown on the video.

If you have personal and important information about the content we shared, we are happy to include it on the content, please contact us to the information we provided on the first paragraph.

Kindly include the link in question and your dispute.

Other concerns

If you have other concerns please send us an email or contact us on Facebook page. Contact information are provided above.