Girl Turning Herself Into A Living Barbie Doll & Quits Job To Avoid Being Flirted


Girl Turning Herself Into A Living Barbie Doll & Quits Job To Avoid Being Flirted






Barbara Luna Sipos, 22, who now lives in Budapest City, Hungary, said she’s been fascinated with lovely dolls since childhood, and so she’s always dreamed of being a living Barbie doll.

According to this Hungarian teen, Barbie dolls went through her childhood and her strong passion came from that too. She began transforming her dream into reality when she was 17 years old.

Barbara Luna Sipos went through up to 10 cosmetic operations to get her new face. This required a br*ast augmentation operation from 34B to 34F.

She also added that she has decided to leave her work as a receptionist because she began a quest to achieve ideal beauty and transform herself into a living Barbie doll. She feared her charming look would drive people mad all over the world.

Barbara admitted that her work as a receptionist is no longer appropriate for her because she lives in a culture where an attractive woman has not many options to retain her career, and she will not support her work because she is willing to compromise herself for the people. And it’s clear she doesn’t want to.

Barbara’s ex-husband was the one who paid all her surgeries for the total cost because he also fell in love with Barbie dolls and wanted his lover to look like a doll.

Accordingly, Barbara’s surgeries included rhinoplasty and V-line surgeries that cost GBP 12,000 (15k USD or Rs11 lakh INR) and front reduction surgeries that made her brow look like Barbie’s one cost GBP 12,000 each.

She has had a 5,000GBP surgery (6kUSD or Rs 4.7 lakh), a 2.300GBP lip lift (Rs 2.17 lakh), a lip thickness surgery (Rs6 lakh), a hip lift surgery worth almost 8,000GBP (Rs7.6 lakh), and also a genital reconstructive surgery worth about 5,500GBP (6.9k USD or Rs5.2 lakh).

The overall cost of her surgeries is estimated at 135,000GBP (170k USD or about Rs1.8 crore), and eventually, Barbara Luna Sipos became a living Barbie doll.






Barbara said not everyone falls in love with her beauty and some have even criticized her.

The young girl still feels hopeful, though, and continues to think for the ones opening up to her. She added that through her portrayal as a transparent girl she often seeks to make an impact upon others. She just needs to show she’s not “a lovely girl without a brain.”

She said she’ll continue to undergo cosmetic surgery in the months ahead. She has had the third nose-lift operation, a rib removal operation, and as expected, a filler injection for hips.


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