Models Reveal Their “Body Flaws”, and Their Words Can Make You Love Yourself


Models Reveal Their “Body Flaws”, and Their Words Can Make You Love Yourself

The idea of the perfect female body image influences us so much that even girls at 9 years old fall for it! But fortunately, there are models ready to destroy it and show their true beauty. After all, we all have wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars. And how wonderful it is not to be ashamed of them!

We  admire the models who choose to uncover the truth about their bodies without trying to retouch them. And we believe that this step can help change the perception of female appearance.


1. “Truth: I’ve had cellulite since I was 11 years old.”

2. “I can prove that ‘flawless skin’ is not needed to be successful.”

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To all the women who have ever been made to feel like they don’t belong. That they’re not good enough. That they’re too much, That they’re not enough. Please know that you are enough. You may not believe it now, but one day you will. You are enough – exactly as you are, and exactly who you are. You may not see it now, and if you have the wrong people around you, you never will. So Surround yourself with people who lift you up, instead of pushing you back down. Who help you laugh. Who sit with you when you cry. Surround yourself with people who make you feel the love you deserve. And the love you so freely give. So this #internationalwomensday, celebrate. Celebrate your sisters, and celebrate the other women around you. And most importantly – Celebrate you. #mypaleskinblog #redefinepretty #skinpositivity

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3. “Believe me, comparing yourself to others won’t make you happy.”

4. “I would like everyone to understand that cellulite is a synonym for naturalness.”

5. “I like the pattern of my stretchies!”

6. “I’m okay with my rolls and creases.”

7. “I’m tired of dieting.”

8. “I love my body despite my stripes.”

9. “I wouldn’t feel ready for shoots at times, thinking that I could work out more.”

10. “I’m not ’brave’, it’s what I look like.”

11. “I’m unique with my ’flaws’.”

12. “I was taller than others and got lots of offensive nicknames.”

13. “I’ve struggled with acne since I was 15 years old.”

14. “At the age of 11 or 12, I noticed my stretch marks.”

15. “I have curves and I’m okay with it.”

16. “I was thin and tall and hated to look in the mirror.”

17. “They denied to shoot a cover with me and said I didn’t fit in the sample size.”

18. “People worked in gloves with me because of my psoriasis.”


Do you have some “body flaws”? Are you ready to refuse to retouch your photos? You can share your photos and thoughts in the comments.

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